About Us

                                                                 What Urthmos Is About

Urthmos is about selflove and loving our Earth while making use of all its beautiful resources, in a healthy ethical way. It is important that not only do we produce wonderful high-quality products for you, but that there is transparency along the way. I want you to feel good about your purchase and know you are supporting a company that genuinely believes in being ethical and open about what’s in our products.

Urthmos products contain ingredients that have been used for centuries by cultures and tribes around the world. You will enjoy learning and experiencing the myriad of benefits they offer. The quality of our fair traded, ethically sourced ingredients have been proven to help revive and restore many customer’s skin to a level much desired.  I’m not going to promise you a quick fix or an overnight miracle, nor will I tell you that you need our products. I will share with you all the wonderful properties our products have and how they can be beneficial.

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