Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is your experience with formulating organic skin care? 

I have over 15 years of formulating natural organic skin care.  I have  and always do extensive research and have taken numerous courses for skincare product formulation and herbalism.  

2. What is “A Little Dose Of Urthmos”?

“A Little Dose Of Urthmos” is the small trial sizes of all the products. It gives you a chance to try your product of choice before committing to a larger size. It is helpful for those with sensitive skin who are not sure how their skin will respond. You can find these sample size options when you select your product of choice.

3. How do you decide what ingredients go into what products? 

I search and research for plants and herbs that has properties that will fulfill the need of a particular skin condition I’m focused on. Some of the ingredients chosen are tinctures, extracts, and/or oils that I formulate using beautiful organic plants, flowers, and herbs that have been ethically sourced. I also have included some ingredients from stem cells of various plants and herbs.

4. Is their REALLY such a thing as natural preservatives? 

Yes! I have done extensive research looking for naturals preservatives that will work with all the ingredients choosen. The preservatives I use have been verified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) as not hazardous and adequate for all especially those with sensitive skin.  Because of these amazing preservatives, Urthmos products do not need refrigeration. They all have a great shelf life of up to 1-1 1/2  years from time of purchase. Although all my ingredients are natural, be sure to read the ingredient descriptions for each product of choice to be sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. 

5.  Approximately how long will it take to receive my order?

It can take 1-3 days for your order to ship. All of Urthmos products are made in small batches. If your product doesn’t ship within the the time frames mentioned, you will be notify via email that your order will be delayed, why, and a new approximate time your order will ship.

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