My Story

You Are Why I Do This

Growing up I had a horrible case of acne. Once I reached adulthood, I was always looking for and trying different products to clear my skin. I realized I was very sensitive to a lot of products. When I had children, they all had various skin sensitives as well which lead me on the search to find relief for them. To no avail all that was found was either a temporary fix or more harmful products than the last. I’d had enough. Now that I am at a place in life where I’m trying to “Age Gracefully”, I needed products that will accommodate my skin’s need. My journey for finding a natural way to help my children, grandchildren, and I began.

Over the years, I’ve encountered many who have sensitive skin who felt like they had no other option than what they were currently accustomed to using, which was usually chemically laced and not working.

So I decided…

After much meditating and contemplating I decided to create a skin care line that focus on mature skin, sensitive skin, and other unique skin challenges, using Mother Nature as the source.

It Has To Be This Way

Urthmos has been created using of Earth’s most precious gift…plants. All of my products contain beautiful extraordinary plants, herbs, and roots from around the world. The plants chosen have been used for centuries by different cultures around the world.  Traditional Chinese Medicine root plants, Ayurveda herbs, and Amazonian plants is the base of Urthmos. These unique plants have become part of a tradition that is common for some and new to others. 

It is important to me to make sure that all my ingredients are ethically sourced as not to cause hurt or damage to the plants themselves, our earth, nor to those who I sourced them from.  After plenty of extensive foot work, research, and spiritual guidance, I was able to find the sources needed to create the wonderful products you will discover here.

Thank You

I’m so grateful I was able to find women of various ethnicities, with different skin requirements and sensitivities  who were willing to test my products.  Urthmos has also been tested by estheticians with 35+ years of experience. To hear how my products are restoring and rejuvenating their skin is priceless.

Urthmos Is For You

I know my products isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. My products are for those who have tried all they know and are looking for a new direction. With over 15 years of formulating natural organic skin care products, I strongly believe I have and will create beautiful skin care products that will truly be helpful for all who wish to give Urthmos a try.

I look forward to knowing how my products have benefited you. Thank you in advance for taking this journey with me.

**My Disclaimer:

I am not a medical professional and my products have not been evaluated by the FDA. All information, suggestions, and products on this site are based from my many years of research, studies, and personal experience. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, nor prevent any disease.

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